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Shop 'Til You ... Find What You Need?

3 Places to Use Task Lighting in Your Home

Maxine Grant

The right lighting fixtures in each part of your home should offer both style and function. Your local residential lighting store will have all sorts of fixtures that meet both criteria, allowing you to shop for whatever type of light you need. One important home lighting category is task lighting. These light fixtures are designed to specifically provide light to a certain area in a concentrated manner. There are many different types of task lighting on the market, including some that you simply place on a flat surface and others that you install. Here are three places in your home to use task lighting.


Any desk in your home, whether it's in your home office or in a child's bedroom, can benefit from task lighting. Lighting stores sell many different products to consider in this application. A desktop light that allows you to adjust the direction of the beam is a popular choice. If a child is working on homework at night, the overhead light fixture in their room could leave their desk partly in a shadow. Having a task light to illuminate the desk surface will be important. In the case of a small desk with minimal free space, consider a wall-mounted task light.


A task light can also be useful in close proximity to certain chairs in your home. If you have a comfortable chair that you use for reading or perhaps even writing in a notebook, you want to have an adequate light source for these activities. Perhaps you've experienced situations in which you've enjoyed reading in a particular chair during the day because it gets a lot of natural light from a nearby window, but found that reading is difficult after dark. Think about buying a task light for this area that you can place on a side table or mount to the wall.

Work Area

If you have a work area in your home, it's important for this space to be properly illuminated. Your work area could be a workbench in your garage or a table in a room that you use for crafts. Whatever the case, the space's ceiling light might not be enough when you're working on precise projects. This is another good area in which to use task lighting. A wall-mounted fixture will keep your work area from feeling too cluttered, and you'll be able to position the light to direct its glow wherever you need it.

Learn more about task lighting by visiting a local home lighting store.